Real Estate Website Strategy

idx search tools with ihomefinder

Why do most real estate websites fail to deliver leads?


  • A fast website with great search tools.
  • A proper organic and paid search keyword list that’s built around user INTENT.
  • 3rd party lead capture connected to your CRM via Zapier.
  • A few test Google Ad campaigns. $100-$300 will do. 
  • Great pipeline messaging. 



Fast website

Where is your site hosted? What does the code look like? Can it be optimized? You probably need a:

  • CDN for hosting images and regional static cached HTML delivery. Cloudfare usually does the trick. 
  • Smaller native images. There are a million ways to shrink an image. And so new native formates with amazing compression. 
  • SEO plugin or script that speeds up “last mile” delivery of CSS and JS to the browser. 


google lighthouse is used for seo analysis and testing
example of keyword focused community landing page content

Build an Important Keyword Strategy

Most REALTOR websites can’t compete with Zillow or Redfin when it comes to getting listing addresses indexed, in the area of weekly open house results, or generic neighborhood stats.?

You CAN however compete for highly competitive keyphrases. It works.