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I have been in the Tech space for over 20 years. I spent approximately 8 years helping Palo Alto Software grow their business planning software channel (selling to Best Buy & Staples, amongst others) and direct market share to over 85%. I integrated the DoubleClick ad server with bplans.com and sold ad space directly to publications such as Entrepreneur.com and Inc.com. I established the company’s $15-$25k direct ad spend on Overture and Google Adwords.

In 2003 I joined Right Media Inc., an NYC startup. I worked with the publisher team in Eugene to establish Direct Media Exchange (DMX), an early competitor to Google Adsense. In 2006 Yahoo! purchased Right Media (and a patent;US20090018907A1) for $780m.

I joined Yahoo!, where I moved into the Global Product Marketing group. I worked on worldwide digital ad inventory issues, publisher traffic analysis, and publisher growth on the DMX platform.

In 2009 I joined IDX Broker, a real estate SaaS provider in the role of Business Development. Within 2 years I was General Manager and grew the company by 50-90% YoY for approximately 5 years. In 2014, Main Street Capital purchased IDX Broker for an undisclosed sum. In 2017, I left IDX Broker to pursue freelance and real estate/digital marketing work – to grow my knowledge of real estate, SEO, and digital marketing.

In 2018, via my connection as a mentor with RAIN, I worked briefly for Collobos Software, a startup that had recently relocated from Richmond, VA to Eugene, OR – helping improve renewal rates and grow the subscription business.

In early 2020, I moved to Austin, Texas from Eugene, Oregon where I refer & practice real estate, expand digital marketing services, and publish regular content to my blog.

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